Wedding Rentals

What is the maximum amount of guests for a wedding in the garden?   

  • The maximum amount of guests for each wedding is 100, no exceptions.

 Do you have a rainout location in case it does rain on our wedding day?

  • Our multipurpose room can be used as a backup if it is rented for the same 3 hours as your ceremony. The room is not suitable for groups larger than 50-60 people.

 Do you have a microphone or sound system that we can rent?

  • The couple can bring their own sound equipment if they need it. There are outlets in both the Rose Garden and the gazebo if needed.

 Can we get married in a different location other than the Rose Garden?

  • This is a question that would be discussed with the head of the rental committee. The Rose Garden is the preferred location.

 Can we supply our own chairs?

  • We only allow our chairs in the garden. This avoids issues with chairs from other wedding parties being left in the garden beyond their booking time.

 Can we supply our own signing table?

  • Yes

 Can I pay for my rental over the phone?

  • We accept credit card payments over the phone or an etransfer via email, but we do recommend coming in at least once to see the site before paying for a rental.

 Is signage provided?

  • We will put a sign at each entrance of the rose garden with your names and the time of your wedding.

 When will chairs be setup on the day of the wedding?

  • The chairs will be setup by the time your rental starts.

 Can we serve alcohol at our ceremony?

  • No alcohol is allowed in the garden. The only spot to serve alcohol at the Park is in our multi-purpose room, there cannot be more than 50 people and you must have or obtain a liquor license to do so.

 What is the shape and size of the signing table?

  • The signing table is a rectangle that is 4 feet long and 2 feet wide.

 Do you provide table cloths?

  • The couple will need to bring in any table coverings they might need.

 Is there access to public washrooms on site?

  • There are public washrooms outside of the John Beedle Centre. If you rent the multipurpose room you will have access to the public washrooms and the private indoor washroom.

 Can we have confetti or rice thrown in the garden?

  • The only acceptable item that may be thrown in the garden are real flower petals and they need to be picked up after the ceremony. Bubbles are also commonly used.

 Can we book a rehearsal before our wedding?

  • A rehearsal can be booked for one hour and there is no charge.

 When do we need to confirm our guest count and chair placement?

  • These details can be settled at a final appointment with our rental coordinator. These appointments typically take place at least two weeks before the rental date.

 If we have to cancel our wedding, will we get our deposits back?

  • If written notice of cancellation is received 60 days prior to the reserved date, all of your deposit will be refunded except for a $100 administrative fee.