The Shade Garden began in the very early days of the Park.  It was not really laid out and designed as a ‘Garden’ as it was a place to plant those things that did not like full sun and that we did not know what to do with. So among the weeds we had primula and globeflower popping up as a reminder that ‘one day’.  That day got closer in 2003 when a volunteer who worked at a garden centre brought down extra Hostas that did not sell.  They found a home in the area on the north side of the Rose Garden’s rock wall.  In 2006, the Shade Garden was designed and is now home to many more Hostas as well as hundreds of other plants that thrive in the shade provided by the large trees.  A place every volunteer wishes to be working on a hot day, the Shade Garden is a calm oasis where you can sit and enjoy the plants as well as the view of the Park over the wall.