The St. Albert Botanic Park has grown from a field to the beautiful garden it is today with the help of many dedicated volunteers.  In a garden this size, tasks are many and varied giving volunteers the opportunity to help in one or several areas.  The volunteer experience provides knowledge to those that wish to learn more about gardening; friendship by working with others; increase in physical and mental well-being by working with nature; and personal satisfaction for your part in creating the beauty the Park provides.

From spring through fall, Park volunteers meet twice a week on Tuesday and Friday at 9 am.  Everyone meets up for coffee on the patio at 10:30 before returning to finish up and head home before lunch.  If you are only available on evenings or weekends, our volunteer coordinator can help you become acquainted with the Park and find an area where you feel comfortable working.  Most volunteers at the Park come when they can - once a week, once a month - any time given is greatly appreciated.  

Not all of our volunteers work outdoors - we have a variety of opportunities available including working with plants in our greenhouse or our beautiful gift shop.  For further information or to offer your help, please contact our office by email [email protected],  If you are interested in the gift shop only, please put 'Gift Shop' in the subject line.

Thank you and welcome to all new volunteers this year!  

Special thanks to the many volunteers from Lo-Se-Ca and Transitions - your special abilities are appreciated by all of us.